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Your search and confusion has just ended. TechSupport.Ph Truly a provider that will cover all that is needed by any business in IT. From maintenance, network security, improve internet, website development, setup emails, backup…

Your success is our success. There is nothing less than that. And yes, we also supply computers and softwares as well…

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TechSupport Services

Our flagship service. From technical maintenance support outsourcing to server and network management, our highly-trained professionals are available at your disposal.

Data Backup Services

What if your files in your hard disk just got corrupted? Next question is… were you able to backup? I hope you answered yes… We have cloud backup solutions that we can deploy in just a few minutes. Ask for more information.

Secured Network

Do not wait until it is too late. Implement the right solution at the right budget. Viruses are getting smarter, you should be as well. The time to secure your network is now.

Setup Corporate Emails

Still using YAHOO or GMAIL for your business? Come’on, you can do better than that right… Look more professional and communicate with your customers using your own company email address. This will greatly improve your branding and land more customers… for sure!

Improve Internet

Stable and fast internet can now be achieve nowadays. Install the right dual WAN router that can control bandwidth, manage fail-over to your secondary internet when the primary line goes down. Ask us on how to do it!

Website Development

If you still dont have a website… for your business’ sake have one! Your business deserves to be seen and take inquiries from the world. Dont worry, we make it very simple for you to have a website within just a few days. Guaranteed!