TechSupport.Ph offers some of the best Shared Hosting Packages today. All our packages offer rich features like:

Fully Managed Servers
TechSupport.Ph‘s data center staff monitors all servers for errors and downtimes. We also constantly update and upgrade software, patches and versions of everything that is installed on your hosting packages.

Multi-Level Control Panel
Each hosting account has its own Site Administration Control Panel and each user for that account has their own User Administration Control Panel. This flexibility allow each email/FTP/telnet user to configure their own forwarding email addresses, aliases, user information, password changes, etc.

24 hour support
With our online customer support site, you have access to valuable support information that you can use when configuring or using your hosting account. You can also submit or create support tickets where our support representatives will answer in a timely manner.

Quick Start Guides
All of our control panel offers quick start guides where even the most inexperience web administrators will not find difficult to understand. It contains all of the necessary configuration steps to start using your hosting account.

Web Based Email
Most of our hosting packages comes with their own Squirrel Mail web based email. A very robust webmail application that allows you to create folders, create address book and even change the theme of your interface.

Spam & Virus Filters
Each package comes with a built-in anti-spam and anti-virus powered by the famous MailScanner and SpamAssasin suite. We use the most up to date virus definition from ClamAV. Our anti-spam solution is user configurable that means that each mailbox owner can define their own tolerance level and spam handling options.

Sub domain/Multiple Domain
Each package comes with the option of adding additional subdomain names ( and has the feature of having each user their own subdomain for their personal website that can be FTP enabled, Telnet and CGI enabled.

Ensim Control Panels comes with a back-up and restore that can fully backup your site or user data. It can compress the files and gives you the option of either downloading or transferring over FTP your backed up files.

User Quota
Each hosting account has the feature of giving a quota to each user for space limitation on his mailbox and personal FTP/site. This is ideal for heavy email users to limit the storage capacity thus making them download via POP3 their emails.

Unlimited POP3, forwarding, aliases and FTP
All packages comes with unlimited POP3, email forwarding, aliases, responders, mailing lists and FTP access. It can also come enabled with Telnet access and anonymous FTP.

MySQL Database
Each plan is provided with their own MySQL Database. A widely used database for all type of application specially for web sites.

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