Happy 2015

TechSupport.Ph’s 2014 Highlights

January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

2014 was indeed a very challenging year for us – but it was “FUN”.

Compared to last year’s (2013) highlights, the main focus was quality and our existing base – but for 2014 – it was different. It was a little of everything.

I will run down the 2 major improvements:

  • While we are focused on our existing base and internal quality – we were fortunate enough to add some key customers along the way which has enabled us to increase our revenues.
  • We have strengthened our ties to some key technology partners such as Autodesk, Microsoft, HP and Dell. You may be asking, “You are not selling IBM, Acer, Dell, Lenovo etc…?” Our answer:  “We are still selling them as per customer’s requests since we are official re-sellers for those brands”

Let us see the numbers vs 2013

=> Increased Revenues by 68% (121% average for 2 years)
=> Increased Transactions by 34%
=> Increased Manpower by 64%
=> Increased Served Customers by 20%

As I have mentioned last year – “we are committed” to your success!

What is next to this 2015? A lot! So stick around, we will let you know very soon…

Thank you very much for being awesome.

Sincerely and at your service!

Kernan Butalid Motoomull
TechSupport.Ph, Inc.