What is the payment method?

• Direct Bank Deposit (Recommended)
• Check Payment
• Postal Money Order
• Direct Wire transfer via online banking
• Credit Card

Note: It is important that client should always notify us every after any payment has been made; through fax (bank deposit slip) or email (deposit details). Always keep deposit slips for future reference. After you confirm your order online, we will inform you through email on the bank details mentioned above.

How can I get your support?

Our control panel has a very detailed help file and we have prepared a committed helpdesk to help you manage your hosted site. We are always available to assist you both by phone and emails. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Normally we will answer your emails within 24 hours.

To access our support site please visit Support

Do you register other domain names such as .ph, .com.ph, .ws, .us, .name or .info?

Yes we do but on a different rate, please email us your request.

Can I add extra email accounts or disk storage at a later date?

Absolutely, everything on your account is extendable. We feel our basic package inclusions are very comprehensive and meet the needs of a modest web presence. We also realize that your requirements will grow, and we are ready to support you with any additional resources you may need at the most competitive pricing around.

Can I access my email throught my browser?

Yes, our resources are geared on providing excellent HOSTING SERVICE to our end users and resellers as well, please email us for more details.

Tell me more about the 30 day satisfaction guarantee

If you choose to cancel your hosting account with us within the first (30) thirty days, we will refund your payment with no questions asked, however, if we registered a new domain name for you the domain registration fees are non-refundable.

Do You allow resellership?

Yes, our resources are geared on providing excellent HOSTING SERVICE to our end users and resellers as well, please email us for more details.

Do you allow pornography to be hosted?

No, we do not allow it.

How long does it take to connect my domain with your service?

The required DNS changes normally take 24 hours to take effect.

Are the email accounts actually individual accounts or just aliases?

The email accounts included with each web hosting package are actual POP3, IMAP and SMTP compatible email accounts. Also included are the ability to have email forwards, aliases, virus scanning, message filtering, and a catchall mailbox.

Will I have a web, ftp, and mail service at my domain name?

Yes, all domain hosting packages include ftp, www, and pop mail services at your domain name. Ie. ftp.yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.coms.

How often can I access and update the files on my site?

You can access your ftp site any time and as much as you want, we’re focused on ensuring it provides reliable operation at all times.

How many ftp accounts can I have?

Unlimited, you can create one ftp account for each user

What is your DNS information?

Linux Server Windows Server
ns1.nameserver14.net ns1-win4.nswebhost.com
ns2.nameserver14.net ns2-win4.nswebhost.com

How can I access my control panel for my website?

Linux Server Windows Server
yourdomain/admin yourdomain:8880