Infra-Outsource (Infrastructure-Outsource)

Provides a complete line of I.T. infrastructure for your organization such as network switches, routers, cabling, file server and maintenance for a fixed monthy payment. No need to worry about the upfront costs on your physical hardware infrastructure requirements will be taken care of, all you need to do is to prepare the workstations/computers that you and your staff will be using, the rest is all up to us!

If you experience any of the below scenario, our “Infra-Outsource” service may be applicable for your organization?

  1. If you are a company who has no current network setup or its infrastructure has no clear networking capability.
  2. Your organization require file sharing or printer sharing capability in which your current setup is not capable on printing from any computer or file transfer from one computer to the other is very tedious to do.
  3. You have insufficient or no current IT staff or currently at a mercy of a freelance technical staff
  4. If  your organization is restricted to invest on infrastructure but would like to consider a lease-to-own or rental type of scheme for its network infrastructure

What is included in “Infra-Outsource”?

  1. File Server and Setup
  2. Hub/Switch, Router or Wifi Access Point
  3. Cabling
  4. Network/Server Maintenance
  5. Assigned I.T. Personnel for 18 Months

We provide a NO RISK service at very affordable rates. Let us provide you the details needed for us to serve you better. Please call our hotline at +632 7184785 or email us at for a no obligation on-site assessment on your requirements.

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