Dual WAN Security Gateway


  • Dual WAN Security Gateway
  • All-in-One Security Gateway for SMB Office
  • Skype, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger Control
  • Policy Firewall with Scheduling
  • Bandwidth Management for each user and application
  • Authentication for Internet Access


Are you still using a PC based Firewall program to manage your company’s network? The AirLive RS family of security gateways are designed to offer complete advance Firewall,2-Way Bandwidth manager, VPN servers, Messenger Control, Access Authentication, and much more in an all-in-one box. The RS-1200 is powered by a powerful 266Mhz RISC processor. It is available at a fraction of the cost of Software based solutions.

Dual WAN Connection
The RS-1200 offer 2 of WAN interface for load balancing and redundancy. Reducing the risk of a potentially catastrophic shutdown if one of the connections should fail. In addition to maintaining a reliable connection, RS-1200 features out-bound load balancing that can increase your upstream bandwidth when connecting to 2 different ISP services.


DMZ port support
DMZ port is a specific hardware port that lets outside user from internet access your servers without exposing your network to attack. Therefore, you can put your server group on the DMZ port and put your PC network on the regular LAN port. This setup protects your local network from the traffic to the server group. Best of all, users can choose to use NAT or Transparent modes for the DMZ port.

QoS Bandwidth Management
The RS-1200 feature AirLive’s second generation bandwidth management function with easier setting and more features. Administrators can control the bandwidth speed for downstream and upstream traffic separately. For each traffic direction, administrators can define the Guaranteed (Minimum) and Maximum bandwidth. Furthermore, the bandwidth definition can be saved as a policy for firewall. So the administrator can easily control the bandwidth of a single IP, IP group, or by application Best of all, application support are user definable for infinite expandability. Whether it is for business to set priority of their application or for selling Internet services by bandwidth, the RS-1200 has the function for it.


VPN Server and client
The RS-1200 features advance VPN server and client function.The gateway offers both IPsec and PPTP server function plus PPTP client function, So whether you want to work from home or connect 2 office networks together over Internet securely, the RS-1200 has the function for you. Visit kinjadeals for more information about VPN


Policy Based Firewall with scheduling
For each policy, administrator can define a password needed for accessing. Take for example, you can set a policy for web browsing (port 80). And the gateway will automatically pop-up a window asking the user to enter password when they want to access the Internet. Up to 200 authentication policies can be made. This feature is useful for system administrator who want to limit certain service to certain individuals regardless of which station they use. Furthermore, it can also be used for control of selling Internet services.


Password Authentication for Internet Access
Some router provide Multi-DMZ support. But the RS-1200 goes one extra step to provide multi virtual server support. So that means if your ISP provide more than one real IP address, you can take full advantage of it by assigning different forwarding rules for each real IP address. Up to 4 real IP addresses are supported each with its own NAT table


Content Filtering
System administrators can establish and enforce acceptable Internet access policies. Content filtering enables the blocking of certain websites either by IP or by domain name. Administrators can also define schedule for each content filtering rules. But best of all, you can also choose to block javascript, active-X, POP-UP, or Cookies. Up to 300 content filtering rules can be made.

Messenger and Skype Blocking
One of the biggest headache for system administrators is to block messenger and Skype traffic. Because these application use dynamic ports that are hard to block, it is usually difficult to block those particular applications. With the RS-1200, it can block MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, QQ messenger, Skype, Google Talk, and gadu-gadu traffic with a click of a button.

Advance Security Functions
The gateway can be either configured in transparent mode as a gateway or enable the NAT router function. It has many security features built-in such as SPI, SYN, ICMP, DoS, UDP, Ping of Death and Port Scan. The traffic log can be sent automatically by email or by Syslog function. The gateway even features Accounting Report function that display individual IP/service’s usage in time or Kilobytes. Therefore, administrator can charge account by time or traffic used.

The RS-1200 is a product that combines the most important and useful security features in one package. It allows you to take complete control over your network. Contact your authorized AirLive dealer for details


Hardware Processor : Intel IXP425, 266MHz
Memory: 8MB Flash, 32MB DRAM
Power: 100~240 VAC DC 5V, 2.4A
Dimensions: H: 40mm W: 150m D: 220mm
Connection & Display LAN port: 1x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ 45 port
WAN port: 2 x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ45 port
DMZ port: 1x 10/100 Base-T Ethernet RJ 45 port, Connecting to Internet
Reset: reset to the original default setting
QoS function Upstream and Downstream Bandwidth Control
Define Guaranteed and Maximum Bandwidth
Limit bandwidth by IP and/or by Application Service
User definable Service
Save QoS rule as a policy
Authentication Local User name and password
build in Authentication User (up to 200 Users)
build in Authentication Group ( up to 20 Group)
WAN Support PPPoE
Fixed IP
WAN1/ WAN2 interface enable
setup ICMP, DNS WAN connection service
70Mbps NAT throughtput
45000 Concurrent NAT sessions
LAN Support DHCP with 2 WINS server settings
Transparent mode
NAT mode
Multiple Subnets
DMZ support NAT mode
Transparent mode
policy control
Scheduling Define Days of the Week
Define Start Hour (in 30 minutes interval)
Define Ending Hour (in 30 minutes interval)
Up to 20 schedule type
Security Functions Incoming and Outgoing policy
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
Permited IP
Blaster Alert
Ping of Death and Port Scan
VPN pass-through
IPSec and PPTP
50 max VPN tunnel entries
Log and Stastic Email alert

Accounting Report
– Incoming IP traffic
– Outgoing IP traffic
– Incoming Service
– Outgoing Service
– By usage in Kbps
– By Time used

Event Alarm

Content Filtering Javascript, active-X, POP-UP, or Cookies controls
eDonkey , BT , WinMX P2P Blocking

IM Blocking
– MSN messenge
– Yahoo Messenger
– QQ
– Skype
– Google Talk
– gadu-gadu
Virtual Server Multi Virtual Server support (up to 4 real IP)
Up to 16 virtual server entries
Management and
Web-based management
Firmware upgrade
Routed Table
Host name table
Environment Specification Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 55 ?
Storing Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity: 90% max relative non-condensing
EMI/EMC Compliance Comply with FCC part 15, subpart J
Comply with CE/EMC
Product Weight (Kg) 900 g
Product Size
( L x W x H (mm) )
220 x 150 x 40 mm


Model No.
RS-1200 Dual WAN Security Gateway
EAN Code
13 Code 4719869613318
14 Code 14719869613315
Included Accessories
Packing content:

RS-1200, CD-ROM, QIG, Power adapter, CAT-5 Fast Ethernet cable

Standard Packaging
Packaging Type:


Packaging Size
( L x W x H (mm) )
303 x 250 x 75 mm
Packaging Weight (kg) 1.48 kg

Carton Packaging

Quantity ( Unit / Per Box ) 10
Dimensions ( L x W x H (mm) ) 510 x 400 x 330 mm
Weight (kg) 15.83 kg

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