Happy 2019

stronger, better, faster, smarter…

JAN 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

How do you like our new website? (Created this just today, including this write-up) 


Yes, you see this as a first blog post on this site. I really wanted to have a clean slate and start over. Have a fresh perspective on things rather than trying to align the next posts from the previous posts made over the past years. 


TechSupport.Ph has truly changed since 2002. Yes, the core service is still our core – which is Outsourced On-Site IT support in the Philippines; also just recently our remote IT support services outside of the Philippines are getting really popular as well. We are the best at it – and we know it as a team. 


16 years of owning an IT company is not an easy task. I really wanted to give up, but the inner entrepreneurial person in me keeps on saying “Hey! You can do it!”… “Do you want to be the laughing stock and a topic about your failure???”… 


Then I quickly reply to myself saying – “Of coure not!”. Then a thought kicked in… I do not want to fail my customers and I do not want to fail my employees’ families… 


Then, this happened next… We kept on growing… Stronger, better, faster, smarter… Then the recurring revenues easily cover our monthly operational expenses of about 50 employees (includes our affiliate businesses)… 


We wanted to still improve… We want to make sure our employees grow their careers and most importantly – financially as well. 


Then everyone became entrepreneurs inside the company. Then to my surprise, 2018 became the highest grossing revenue since 2002! All because of the trust given to us by our customers, the hard work and dedication of our team for all if us to succeed! 


What is next? Here is some stuff that we are up to recently and ready to deploy: 


  1. We have started to implement our “AUTOMATED” maintenance for all of our customers. This will now result to less on-site visits to our customers. 
  2. We are launching HOST, our own web hosting brand. Focused on providing enterprise grade web hosting solutions.  
  3. And…. a Mailchimp Alternative called EmailPadala.com, which will also includes our email list cleaning services, spam trap removals.
  4. Our own Business Grade Dropbox alternative called SecuredBackup.app (for Backups) and SecuredCloud.co (for Cloud Collaborations).
  5. Lead Generation Services – Say you need to all the email address of all the purchasing managers in Cebu? Shocking, right? Yes, we have this. And it is publicly available if you know how to get it. 


Our premium hosting plans include the following:  

  • WP Time Capsule
  • Swift Performance
  • Brizy Pro
  • Malcare
  • WebARX Security
  • CSSIgniter Premium Templates
  • WP-CRM
  • Client Portal
  • Mailchannels SMTP Firewall
  • Leadberry 


There is actually a lot more, but, let us leave it hanging a bit and give more information in the coming weeks. 


Again, my thanks for being there for us.  


My commitment – I will be there for you when you need us. 




Kernan Motoomull


TechSupport.Ph, Inc.  


…We kept on growing… stronger, better, faster, smarter…