How to "Forget" a Wi-Fi network on Windows 10?

Sometimes the simplest problems are the most challenging ones.

Just recently, I have upgraded to Windows 8 then later to Windows 10 – which was cool by the way… There was a need to connect to our Wi-Fi network. But apparently, our team member just changed the password!

In windows 10, when you click the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to, you will just normally click “Forget” within the list of networks in the lower right network icon (when you click it)…. BUT Microsoft removed the “Forget” button on their latest update – you will just see the “Disconnect” option.

Screenshot (35)

So the question is: How to “Forget” a Wi-Fi network on Windows 10?

Here are the steps:
  • Go to start and click the search icon
  • Then type “settings” then click Settings when it comes out…

Screenshot (27)

  • Then click Network & Internet, see below:

Screenshot (28)

  • Click Manage Wi-Fi settings

Screenshot (29)

  • You will see this then just scroll down and find the network that you need to forget

Screenshot (36)


Then click the network that you want to forget, then of course click “Forget”. It is that simple…

Screenshot (37)


Visit us more often, we will be posting more of these soon… Seems to be fun.