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Event Invitation: Improving Relationships using Microsoft CRM

Dear Valued Microsoft Customer,

We have an event this coming May 24, 2016 which is called “Improving Relationships Using Microsoft CRM”.

Very Limited Seats!

Now, who should attend?
– If you are a company who needs to improve its sales efforts or increase revenue then you should attend.
– If you have a need to have a proper way to document all customer and supplier communications, then you should attend.
– If you are an organization who still do not know if you need to improve on anything – then more reason that you should attend… 🙂

May 24, 2016,01:30PM to 04:30PM

Microsoft Philippines Office
8th Floor Mindanao Room,
6750 Office Tower,Ayala Avenue,
Makati City, Philippines


01:30  02:00 Registration and Snacks (30mins)
02:00  02:05 Short Opening Intro by Microsoft (5mins)
02:05  02:30 Industry Challenges and Impact on Business (25 mins)
02:30  03:15 Value of Intouch CRM: Intouch Connection, Sales Productivity and Service Experience (45 mins)
03:15  03:35 Snacks (20 mins)
03:35  04:15 Pricing and Licensing (40mins)
04:15  04:25 Q&A and Next Steps (10mins)
04:25  04:30 Closing Remarks by Microsoft (5mins)

Please Register


Microsoft Philippines & TechSupport.Ph

365/24/7 Support Available!

24/7 supportEffective April 1, 2016, TechSupport.Ph, Inc. will be capable to provide 365/24/7 support to its customers. Support can cover ON-SITE, PHONE, EMAIL and CHAT. Very suitable for companies or organizations that has 24/7 operations that requires the highest possible up-time on their sites. (not an April Fools Day post…) 🙂

For more details, you can contact us thru on how to avail.


How to "Forget" a Wi-Fi network on Windows 10?

Sometimes the simplest problems are the most challenging ones.

Just recently, I have upgraded to Windows 8 then later to Windows 10 – which was cool by the way… There was a need to connect to our Wi-Fi network. But apparently, our team member just changed the password!

In windows 10, when you click the Wi-Fi network that you are connected to, you will just normally click “Forget” within the list of networks in the lower right network icon (when you click it)…. BUT Microsoft removed the “Forget” button on their latest update – you will just see the “Disconnect” option.

Screenshot (35)

So the question is: How to “Forget” a Wi-Fi network on Windows 10?

Here are the steps:
  • Go to start and click the search icon
  • Then type “settings” then click Settings when it comes out…

Screenshot (27)

  • Then click Network & Internet, see below:

Screenshot (28)

  • Click Manage Wi-Fi settings

Screenshot (29)

  • You will see this then just scroll down and find the network that you need to forget

Screenshot (36)


Then click the network that you want to forget, then of course click “Forget”. It is that simple…

Screenshot (37)


Visit us more often, we will be posting more of these soon… Seems to be fun.

Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled how the future of Windows will empower people more than ever. Building on what we shared in September, we disclosed key consumer and end user experiences as part of the next chapter of the Windows 10 story. We still remain committed to making Windows 10 the best version for enterprise yet.
To date, more than 1.5 million “Windows Insiders” in more than 100 countries around the world are using the Windows 10 Technical Preview on 2.75 million different devices. This is our most expansive pre-launch testing program, and has already generated millions of pieces of feedback helping us shape the best release of Windows for the enterprise to date.

Some of the innovations and features announced today include:

1. Single Platform: While we talked about this in September, today we showed how Windows 10 is a single platform that works seamlessly across all form factors including your phone, tablet or PC. This gives developers a broader app development platform as well, and enables customers to purchase an app once to use across all their devices.

2. Cortana: A voice-activated personal assistant that will be available on Windows 10, Cortana is designed to help you to get things done more easily and efficiently.

3. Project Spartan: An all-new browser built to deliver a better web experience—one that’s made for easy sharing, reading, researching, and getting things done online.

4. Office for Windows 10: New universal Office apps great for touch-first productivity across all devices.

5. Suite of In-Box Apps: A updated set of in-box applications – universal for working consistently across all Windows devices – for Photos, People/Comms, Videos, Music, Maps, Mail and Calendar.

6. Upgrades: We believe that Windows 10 will be our best enterprise platform ever. We’re excited that the upgrade will be delivered for free via Windows Update to qualified Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. We believe that businesses and organizations of all sizes will love Windows 10. As mentioned, organizations connected to Windows Update will receive the free upgrade on qualified devices.

For more details about what we shared today, feel free to view the on-demand recording of our press event and visit Windows For Your Business and Blogging Windows. Additionally, you can check out our frequently asked questions document on the Partner Marketing Center.

I am looking forward to our ongoing discussions on Windows 10.

Happy 2015

TechSupport.Ph 2014 Highlights

TechSupport.Ph’s 2014 Highlights

January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

2014 was indeed a very challenging year for us – but it was “FUN”.

Compared to last year’s (2013) highlights, the main focus was quality and our existing base – but for 2014 – it was different. It was a little of everything.

I will run down the 2 major improvements:

  • While we are focused on our existing base and internal quality – we were fortunate enough to add some key customers along the way which has enabled us to increase our revenues.
  • We have strengthened our ties to some key technology partners such as Autodesk, Microsoft, HP and Dell. You may be asking, “You are not selling IBM, Acer, Dell, Lenovo etc…?” Our answer:  “We are still selling them as per customer’s requests since we are official re-sellers for those brands”

Let us see the numbers vs 2013

=> Increased Revenues by 68% (121% average for 2 years)
=> Increased Transactions by 34%
=> Increased Manpower by 64%
=> Increased Served Customers by 20%

As I have mentioned last year – “we are committed” to your success!

What is next to this 2015? A lot! So stick around, we will let you know very soon…

Thank you very much for being awesome.

Sincerely and at your service!

Kernan Butalid Motoomull
TechSupport.Ph, Inc.

Cloud Servers Now Online


TechSupport.Ph’s Cloud Servers now available to meet your requirements – running on Microsoft Azure Data Centers.

Note the available locations to choose from [All from Microsoft Data Centers]:

  • Brazil South
  • East US
  • Central US
  • South US
  • West US
  • East US 2
  • North Europe
  • West Europe
  • West Europe
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Japan West
  • Japan East

See SPEEDTEST results below.





For more information, email us at or call (02) 7184785.

server allocation

Server Relocation in Datacenter

serverDear Valued Customers,

In order to improve services our datacenter staff will be performing a physical move of the server. This is being done to ensure all of our servers are using the latest networking and power equipment available.

Starting at 9PM PDT on November 19th and ending at 11PM PDT, the server will be shut down and relocated within the datacenter. As we are moving multiple servers, your server may be taken down any time in this window. During the move, all services might be unavailable.

While we know downtime is not ideal, we are doing so to ensure all of our servers are able to provide the same level of service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions regarding this move, please feel free to contact our support thru (02) 7184785 or

Thank you for your continued business!

TechSupport.Ph Team


We are now hiring!


Our PEOPLE is our asset.

Be part of our workforce and get the best exposure in the Philippine’s IT industry today. Click here for our available job openings. Click the corresponding position that would interest you and fill up the form provided.

If you think the position that you desire is not here – email us! we will work out something for you.

We are looking forward on having you part of our team soon!

Visit our careers page at:



Main Office Under Renovation

Dear Valued Partners,

Our Mandaluyong Office is now under renovation. If you will experience any inconvenience on calling, please do send us an email to We will be very glad to assist you the soonest time possible.


TechSupport.Ph Management 

Support is Ending for Windows Server 2003

windows server 2003

Upgrade now to future-proof your IT infrastructure.

For more than a decade, businesses such as yours have been leveraging Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 technologies and getting a great return on their investment.

Substantial improvements to server operating systems have been made since then that help businesses compete better in today’s marketplace. As such, Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003/R2 on 14th July 2015.

Now is the time to lay the IT foundation of your business for the next decade and beyond. Upgrading your aging servers and operating systems now will not only reduce costs in the long run, but also provide significant benefits by leveraging on the latest IT technologies.

What is Windows Server 2003 End of Support?

Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on 14th July 2015. This means Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, fixes or online support for Windows Server 2003 after this date.

To prevent possible disruptions to your business, we strongly recommend that existing customers migrate to a modern server operating system.

What are your options for upgrading?

You can upgrade to newer versions of products you are familiar with such as Windows Server 2012 R2, or discover new offerings such as Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud platform. As an open and flexible cloud platform, Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacentres, integrated with your existing IT environment.

Why upgrade to Windows Server 2012?

What are the implications of staying with Windows Server 2003?

Did you know that it takes on average between 200 and 300 days to upgrade a server infrastructure?

It’s time to plan your upgrade, end of support is coming faster than you think. Leverage our limited time modernization offers.

Take this important first step. Invest in the future of your business today.

Contact Us Today!
(02) 718-4785