Whether your challenges lie with your customers, your finances, your employees or your supply chain, we have the best-in-class solutions you need to turn those challenges into opportunities. Pick one solution or a full range. They’re all designed to work well together and it in with your existing systems. And they all come with business expertise built in, so you get up and running quickly and can add functionality as you need it—without having to shut down your operations or throw out your existing software.

Our domain experts in every product area have the know-how to help you address your specific business problems and lower your total cost of IT ownership. And to meet your long-term needs, we are providing a smooth evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology improvements.

Business SystemAvailable Systems:

  • ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning]Gain flexibility and control. ERP helps you automate, plan, collaborate, and execute according to your unique business requirements—with broad functionality that never locks you in to one mode of operating.
  • CRM [Customer Relationship Management]Integrate marketing, sales, and service, and make the most of every customer interaction. CRM helps you establish a multi-channel, closed loop dialogue with your customers to nurture loyalty.
  • EAM  [Enterprise Asset Management]Go beyond maintenance metrics. EAM creates a comprehensive vision by capturing and consolidating not only standard transaction maintenance metrics, but also metrics from a variety of operational and Financial systems.
  • FMS [Financial Management System]Support extended responsibilities. FMS combines all the capabilities CFOs need to meet growing demands—from managing Financials, to employee interfacing, to performance management and strategic initiatives.
  • HRM  (Human Resource Management)Optimize the recruit-to-retire process. With HRM, you improve competitiveness by hiring, retaining, and empowering the best people. You can share vital workforce information and provide self-service to employees and managers.

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