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TechSupport.Ph was co-founded by a computer nerd named Kernan Butalid Motoomull.

He started his nerdy days during late preschool years playing video games with cousins and friends. Ever since, technology has been his main interest and has never looked back.

In his last year in College (San Beda, 1999), he was hired as a Sales Executive in a pharmaceutical start-up company and was immediately promoted to Sales Manager after graduation. Having IT as his primary interest, he decided to start his career in the software industry (2001) selling systems (INFOR) specific for manufacturing companies and later promoted as their Business Development Manager. After gaining experience, he was later invited twice to start local offices to some fast-growing American firms selling the enterprise system called SAP (2007-2009).

How it all started and today
While being employed (2002), Kernan noticed that a lot of local IT professionals have started to transfer and work abroad – which will mean problems on our local supply for IT skills. Also at that time, an ERP customer was willing to pay 4,000 Pesos per month for 1 on-site computer preventive maintenance visit – TechSupport.Ph was then born.

Last 2010, Kernan decided to go full-time to better take care of his clients having the objective of “HELPING” to be the #1 priority on customer engagements rather than profit.

Since 2002, TechSupport.Ph has maintained thousands of computers for its more than 800+ customers since and revenues has been growing at 80% YOY (since 2012) with customer retention rate at its peak.

Message from the CEO

Dear Customers, Partners and Valued Visitors,

It has been a pleasure supporting the Metro Manila Business Community and its Information Technology needs since 2002. From the days of stand-alone computers now to connected devices made possible by the internet, our company has witnessed it all. Indeed, we are proud to say that our team has the competency to provide the  knowledge that is necessary to support you and your business in this very ever-changing environment.

Going forward in the years to come, we will continue to devote our efforts in supporting all your Information Technology needs by giving you the right advise in line to your budget and size. We will also continue to commit our efforts in custom-designed IT services to meet the constantly changing technology requirements and specific customer needs.

Your success is our success. With this in mind, we will do everything possible to design and support solutions that will enhance the business value that you bring to your clients.

To further improve our knowledge and efficiency, we have focused our technical training on technology – the core of both our business and our client’s business. We continuously strive to learn new information and updates to ensure that our client’s IT needs and confusions end with us. Our areas of focus will continue to be on computer network infrastructure, computer network security, computer network software, and on providing on-site technical resources at predetermined schedules or for emergency repairs.

We, at TechSupport.Ph, promise to persistently work towards improving our level of commitment and service to our valued clients. We shall continue customizing our IT services to surpass your expectations and to guarantee your success for we are more than willing to take that extra mile! Since we have always treated our clients as friends, you are ensured that we will do everything possible to excel in all areas of network implementation in order to maintain customer satisfaction. We have proven to be the leader in providing innovative solutions and we will continue to improve in the coming years because in TechSupport.Ph, we lead you to IT Success!


Kernan Motoomull
TechSupport.Ph, Inc.